welcome to {within}

creative women, come as you are • deep home for artists, writers, makers • gathering live via zoom

we dream of a world bursting with creative lights, 

women who know 

their power comes from the making, 

their genius comes from within...

this community is how we begin.

scroll to the bottom of this page at any time to join now and get instant access to the forum, recordings, and upcoming events.

{within} artist collective

is a new paradigm for creative women

here are some details to fill you in. let's start with what to expect and how we gather. below that, you'll be able to see specific details about when we gather.

{within} is:

  • a space of listening, of courage, of mastery and new beginnings
  • a space that welcomes you to come as you are, in quiet or in story, in joy or in grief, in wonder, in questioning, in not knowing, in deep knowing
  • courageous time to show up and cultivate what matters to you: to ask questions that don't require answers; to say 'i don't know' and know that's okay; to explore and experiment; to try new ways of relating and teaching, writing and making art; to share your work and your doubts and your joys and know you are seen and held and loved exactly as you are today, right now, in this moment
  • a host of video recordings to open up to, invite, and stimulate creativity
  • instant access to the forum and our whatsapp chat
  • on camera: alive and responsive... the closest thing to face-to-face we can be, each from our own little corner of the world
  • true, honest community

artwork by Chantal Wolf; words by Sheril M.

and {within} meets:

  • weekly {open studio} every single Tuesday from 12-2:30 pm New York time open to ALL members: 
    • a check in and blessing, 
    • 80 minutes of quiet devotion to craft and discovery, 
    • 60 minutes of deep, wild conversation about life and art and what it is to be a maker and a dreamer in this world
  • weekly {calling in intention} every single Monday from 12-12:45 pm New York time open to {within: whole} members:
    • breathe and silent or guided meditation
    • time to witness and be witnessed in setting a creative action or life energy for the week ahead
  • average of 12 gatherings each and every month to keep {within: whole} members connected to and inspired by community and craft. in addition to the weekly gatherings of {open studio} and {calling in intention}, we also rotate through:
    • making circles: time to talk and laugh and share stories as we create, as humans have done for millennia
    • art workshops, experiences, and demonstrations (hosted and co-created by you)
    • writing circles
    • books together: one month a discussion around a book (open even if you haven't read the book); one month a creative experience rooted in the author's words
    • poetry readings and virtual galleries
    • brave creative: conversations and experiences to practice courage
    • sustainable artist: conversations around topics such as the business and practice of art-making (past conversations range from pricing to intimacy to holiday offerings)

a note: times listed are in New York time for illustration purposes. no need to do mental gymnastics in your head to figure out when we gather. the forum automatically does the math and adjusts to your time zone, so you'll know when we gather from wherever you live in the world. 

most gatherings occur weekdays during daytime hours in the Americas and evenings in Europe/Africa; we occasionally come together weekends or later in the day. several gatherings are recorded, but those in Asia and the Pacific Islands, Australia/New Zealand may find the live gatherings less than convenient.

a brief peek inside the forum:



{within} exists at the crossroads

of simple and profound.

it is difficult to describe because in many ways it is so simple. it is the act of showing up. it is the spoken and energetic commitment to a life of creative devotion. that's it.

and yet, in its simplicity, the experience of it is so often profound.

what can happen when womxn gather together, over zoom, to talk about the artistry of life?

it turns out... a lot.

hi, my name is alana. i am a painter and a poet, and i hold this space.

if you like video, here i am, trying to capture something of its essence:


i sincerely hope that helps distill why this space is so special to me, offers a taste of what it might feel like to share space together. i know it's long. i'm practicing courage in filming myself in this way...!

i much prefer to show up and speak directly with you. but i make new things, and i open myself up to discomfort (this was about the 15th take, and i finally made it past the awkward first sentence to find a groove), because the more i do that, the better i can support you when you do that too.

{within} is

a gathering of liminal space and time:

artists, makers and writers,
across generations

from anywhere in the world,

living an artist revolution.

{within} is currently open.

we will close the portal on january 5.

two ways to join

within is open to new membership even months of the year, closed odd months. this allows us time to welcome, and time to integrate.

we offer two ways into the community. 

{within: work} 

join our weekly co-working sessions every tuesday, inviting you to check in and let us know what you're working on, go into silent making from your own studio and corner of the world, and then come back for one hour of deep, broad creative conversation. 

this level also invites you into the forum, gives you access to our full video library, and includes occasional community-wide gathering outside of {open studio} throughout the year to invite you deeper into the making and the sharing.

{within: whole}

this level includes all that is available to {within: work}, and also includes weekly {calling in intention} gatherings and all additional art experiences, creative gatherings, and opportunities to co-create the space.

this is the deepest level. it used to require an annual commitment. in the interest of flexibility and accessibility during this time of inflation and uncertainty, i've let go of the annual commitment and dropped the price. while some come and go, many of our members choose to stay longer than a year. 

members of this level often find their creative lives completely reframed and opened up. painters become poets. writers become mixed media artists. teachers become students. participants become presenters. 

women at both levels, but especially this one, may find themselves both reclaiming and shedding early spiritual and ancestral roots and ways of making, sharing sacred fears and doubts and inner longings, setting boundaries and parameters around artist hours, carving out the space for 'a room of her own,' and generally taking risks that feel good, in order to move forward in the making.

joining at either level 

is as much a commitment to yourself 

as it is to community. 

it is a way of telling yourself and the world:

'i am an artist. i value connection. i prioritize my creativity.'

both levels also include a weekly email from me, alana, letting you know what's coming in the week ahead, sharing the work and words of those in our collective, and often waxing poetic or sentimental about what i notice in the creative in-between. and they include additional opportunities to share your work within and beyond the collective.

want to talk before you decide if joining is right for you?

i get it! please feel free to sign up for a half-hour, no pressure, no sales, no cost conversation to ask me questions about {within} or chat about all things art and creativity. 

i seriously love to get to know other creatives. it will be my deep pleasure to connect with you. when you sign up, you'll get to pick how we meet: phone or zoom. :)

what can i do if membership is closed or it's not the right time to join, but i want to stay connected?

not a problem. if now's not the right time to join, for whatever reason, you are welcome to click here to sign up for the free {within: curious} newsletter. it goes out 1-2 times a month, and you're welcome to join from there or unsubscribe at any time.

a word about pricing

please note: 

we offer a solidarity and reparations rate for all Black and Indigenous women, and descendants of Japanese internment camps. this is offered with no assumption of current income level. if you self-identify in this way, please select the solidarity rate below.

in december and february... the traditional months of giving and love... we offer a BOGO (Buy One, Give One) rate. this allows you to join and gift a membership to a friend (send me their email at [email protected] so i can invite them to the forum), or to buy membership for yourself and pay it forward in order to subsidize membership for those with less financial means. 

the rate you join at will be locked, so it will not go up unless you choose to increase your financial commitment. if it goes down, you'll be invited to save.

for all women: if you are experiencing financial hardship or insecurity and think you would benefit from being an active part of this community, please reach out: [email protected] 

let's figure out how to get you connected. i would rather know you're supported in this world, surrounded by creative kin, than think that you are home wishing you could join.

community care is a human right. creative expression is a human right. please, let us support you.

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